They said you can't take

your money with you when you die.

What if they were wrong.

Hong Kong, 2002. A stock market trader desperate to pay off a gangster debt invents a scam: Afterlife Dollars. A product inspired by an ancient Chinese custom that allows people to buy their way into heaven.


It’s the beginning of a dizzying chain reaction that ripples in Mumbai, where one man does the unthinkable to secure his afterlife—while thousands of miles away in Amsterdam, another man races against time to stop an apocalypse. As the characters grapple with moral dilemmas, their choices will affect the rest of humanity.

Profound, intense and plotted with unexpected twists and turns, Srinath Adiga’s debut novel is a Black-Mirroresque satire about religion, capitalism and how the very things that make us human can ultimately lead to our demise.


A perfectly timed satire with a central premise so close to the bone, it gives you chills.”

 George Penney, author of Fly In, Fly Out; Irrepressible You; Summer Harvest.

Exhilarating pace, intriguing proposition, and plenty of dark laughs: Dead Money’s the thriller I’ll be burning

through in the afterlife.

Kate Veitch, author of Without a Backward Glance; Trust.

A unique and highly original story. If you’ve ever wondered about the rise of BitCoin or how money really works, you’ll enjoy this book. 

Sion Scott-Wilson, author of The Sleepwalker's

Introduction to Flight.